Sold Separately Compatible With the Quick Connect System
       PIC STICK
                      (Stick Only) 

Adjustable Bow Holder Screw

Padded Bow Holder Fingers

360  Swivel 

Padded Arm/Gun Rest

Stick Cradle

Accessory Hangers

3-Stage Telescopic Stick

Base Station 

Twist to Lock System

Quick Connect System

​​*Organizes Accessories and       Stores them at Arms Length

​*Secures Bow in an Upright         Position within Arm's Length

​*Eliminates Cold and                     Fatigued Hands Due to               Holding Bow While Waiting     for Game to Show

*Decreases Bow Hunters               Movement

*Adjustable Bow Holder to Fit    any Bow Limb at any Angle

​*Attaches to wooden and           Metal Stand or Chair (No         Tools Required)

*Rock Solid Gun Rest System

*Improves Shots Accuracy

*Increases Long Range               Capabilities

*Stops Gun Movement,               Wavering, and Shaking

*Steadies Rear or Front of         Rifle, Pistol, or Crossbow

*Organizes Accessories and     Stores them at Arms Length


BOW HOLDER, SHOOTING REST ACCESSORY HANGER Designed with the ALL SEASON   HUNTER in mind , multipurpose Stand By Stick attaches to any treestand or seating arrangement......   (No Tools Required)
BOW HOLDER: Strategically stations bow securely in an Up Right... Ready to Grip & Draw Position, within arms' reach of hunter, eliminating hunter's cold / fatigued hands & movement.
ACCESSORY HANGERS: Conveniently stores / organizes hunting accessories within arm's reach...out of harms way, preventing accessories from interfering while aiming bow / gun.
​SHOOTING REST: provides Rock Solid...Fore or Rear Arm Support. Stabilizes a firearm or cross bow while aiming & discharging... Improves Shots Accuracy and Increases Shooter's Long Range Capability