Hip Stick performs the task of steadying optics such as Binoculars, Cameras, Video Equipment and Range Finders. preventing shaking, wobbling, wavering and arm fatigue while attempting to glass, determine yardage, film or take a photo, Eliminating the need to pack and carry bulky conventional tripod type stands into the field is just one of the multi-function which Hip Stick performs. 

Sliding Hip Sticks Base Plate forward on your belt and stationing  it in front of your abdomen establishes an anchor and fulcrum point which enables a pistol shooter to utilitze the stablizing benefits associated with Hip Sticks Triangular Foundation Support




Although most blinds are equipped with some form of window sill to rest the front of your gun on, the necessity to also stabilize the butt end of the stock by supporting the shooters rear arm as well suddenly becomes apparent. Hip Sick was designed with this in mind. Steadying both ends of the firearm is the best way to shoot.


Whether sitting it out while trying to call in turkeys or run and gunning after hearing a gobble and attempting to close the distance, you can rely on Hip Stick to steady either the fore end or butt of your shot gun despite how awkward of a position you are caught in when the shooting opportunity at the cunning long beard presents itself. 

          SHOOTING FROM THE HIP            


EBI's team



Steadying a firearm while aiming and simultaneously squeezing the trigger has presented a shooter quite a challenge over the years. Today centuries down evolutions road of firearm development the consequences of shaking, wobbling or wavering during the aiming and firing sequence remains the same. Portraying a New Generation of Shooting Rest Hip Stick Hunters Shooting Rest was Designed With The Hunter In Mind. Brain Child by Hunters... Designed by Engineers while using computer technology, Hip Stick is a true example of Achieving Perfection Through Invention. Visit any shooting range and you will find sportsmen sighting in their firearm attempting to zero in on the bulls eye and to shrink bullet groups while using​ a bench rest and some sort of under support to station the front and butt end of their firearm. Of course such luxury is not practical when dealing with actual in field conditions. Today's hunters elect to leave their conventional shooting rests home and hunt without them to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of carrying the bulky shooting rests afield. The hunter friendly Hio Stick was designed to hunt. Being worn instead of carried, Hip Stick remains stationed on a hunters waist the entire hunting day without interfering with their activities. Hip Stick forms a triangular support foundation under the shooters arm providing Rock Solid Stability, allowing the hunter to steadily hold their sights right on target increasing their odds for success.










EBI is a father and son ran business fueled by the passion and love for hunting The corporation would be best described as a research and development company which focuses exclusively on hunting products. It consists of a talented and ambitious team. Its purpose is to engineer and design hunting products which will increase a hunters odds for success , and which will make a hunters next hunting adventure more enjoyable than his last. All of our hunting products consist of a unique and innovated concept and reflect a totally new design when compared to the industries conventional methods and existing products. Most are so unique they have been patented to protect their originality. EBI feels simple is better and our hunting products are designed to up hold this trend of thought.

As hunters we understand the importance and value of ones hunting time. We also appreciate the value of your hard earned dollar during these economic times. Our goal is to produce hunting products which will better the conventional methods, last for many years, aid the hunter in his attempt to harvest the game of which he pursues, and not break the bank. Rest assure all of EBI hunting products have been tested while in the field, and deemed FIELD WORTHY…..FIELD TUFF……FIELD PROVEN.


HIP STICK remains stationed on a hunters side during the entire course of the hunting day,

​without restricting or obstructing a hunters activities.

​Using the Free Belt included 

in the HIP STICK package, a Hunter Secures the HIP STICK to his /  her Thigh,  Pre-Positioning the shaft will then provide them with Hands Free Support Ready for ACTION at ANY TIME  


Dual Support is Easy to Achieve

by combining 2 HIP STICKS, One Supporting the Rear Arm,

and the second slips under the Provided Belt, which has been cinched down onto a Hunters Thigh, Together they Provide Unprecedented Stability

Shooting accurately from an elevated Tree Stand can be quite a challenge. Depending upon where the game appears, a hunter may be confronted with the necessity of stabilizing their fore end or the butt end of his firearm. Hip Stick allows a hunter to remain undetected while stabilizing his firearm.

Hassle Free Portability and Rock Solid Stability is the key to HIP STICKS unprecedented performance, making it an excellent choice of a shooting rest for both Stalking and Still Hunting, Allowing a hunter to Shoot With Confidence while holding his sights Right on Target

​So comfortable you may even forget you are wearing it until you need it.