Sold Separately Compatible With the Quick Connect System
       PIC STICK
                      (Stick Only) 

Adjustable Bow Holder Screw

Padded Bow Holder Fingers

Stick Cradle

Accessory Hangers

Base Station 

Twist to Lock System

Quick Connect System

​*Attaches to wooden and           Metal Stand or Chair (No         Tools Required)

*Rock Solid Gun Rest System

*Improves Shots Accuracy

*Increases Long Range               Capabilities

*Stops Gun Movement,               Wavering, and Shaking

*Steadies Rear or Front of         Rifle, Pistol, or Crossbow

*Organizes Accessories and     Stores them at Arms Length


BOW HOLDER, SHOOTING REST ACCESSORY HANGER Designed with the ALL SEASON   HUNTER in mind , multipurpose Stand By Stick attaches to any treestand or seating arrangement......   (No Tools Required)
BOW HOLDER: Strategically stations bow securely in an Up Right... Ready to Grip & Draw Position, within arms' reach of hunter, eliminating hunter's cold / fatigued hands & movement.
ACCESSORY HANGERS: Conveniently stores / organizes hunting accessories within arm's reach...out of harms way, preventing accessories from interfering while aiming bow / gun.
​SHOOTING REST: provides Rock Solid...Fore or Rear Arm Support. Stabilizes a firearm or cross bow while aiming & discharging... Improves Shots Accuracy and Increases Shooter's Long Range Capability



360  Swivel 

Padded Arm/Gun Rest

3-Stage Telescopic Stick

​​*Organizes Accessories and       Stores them at Arms Length

​*Secures Bow in an Upright         Position within Arm's Length

​*Eliminates Cold and                     Fatigued Hands Due to               Holding Bow While Waiting     for Game to Show

*Decreases Bow Hunters               Movement

*Adjustable Bow Holder to Fit    any Bow Limb at any Angle